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Remote Control (RC) Cars

Posted by RC Masters on 18th Dec 2012

Remote Control Cars have definitely come a long way since the 60s when functional radio control units were introduced. From being sold as kits with hundreds of parts to be assembled in years past to many Ready to Run units available today, the options RC hobbyists currently have is abundant. Since there are different types of RC Cars being sold in Australia, one major consideration is selecting which type of RC Car do you go for—Petrol, Nitro or Electric? 

Read on to find out...

Petrol Remote Control Cars

Petrol Remote Control Cars are model cars powered by miniature petrol-fed engines. These Remote Controlled Cars that run on petrol typically require more tinkering and fine-tuning to get the best performance and are not as easy to set up as electric models. There’s also a bit of a learning curve you have to get through. But once you’ve gotten past through that, these cars using remote control easily provide great fun and satisfaction with their superb performance.

Advantages of these RC Cars:
• High power and speed
• Fast and easy refuelling
• Runs smooth for a longer period of time

Nitro Remote Control Cars

Nitro RC Cars, like models running on petrol, also carry a miniature engine. But this time, these RC's use Nitro Fuel or Glow Fuel. Generally, it is a mixture of methanol, nitromethane and oil. This type of RC Car is popular because it combines power, performance, speed and durability in one machine. Like petrol-powered vehicles, there’s also a bit of learning curve when you’re new to this.

Cars on Glow Fuel have these Advantages:
• Runs longer because of fast refuelling
• Options for high powered engines
• The noise and smoke from these cars add realism

Electric Remote Control Cars

Electric RC Cars are great for beginners because they are easier to use and maintain. Instead of using miniature fuel engines to power them, they use batteries. Newer high-capacity batteries on brushless motors can produce vehicles that can match some Nitro-powered RC cars in speed and performance.

Advantages of RC Cars running on battery packs:
• Easy to use and maintain
• Can be used indoors
• Runs quietly compared to fuel-based RC Cars

Remote Control Cars for Kids

Remote Control Cars are great for kids as they are fun and educational. Instead of staying indoors, kids now have a reason to have fun outdoors while getting exposed to the science part of the cars—how the mechanical parts work together, how these cars are controlled wirelessly and so on. There are many shops and online stores in Australia that sell Remote Control Cars for kids. These Remote Controlled Cars come in different models, colors and sizes. It is easy to choose which ones are right for our kids since manufacturers of RC Cars have already put information in the packaging indicating recommended age limits and warning labels that indicate if the cars have tiny parts that could potentially cause choking or other dangers for kids.

RC Cars make a great gift for kids. Why?

• It encourages them to go outdoors to play their Remote Controlled Cars
• It is safe to operate
• It is educational; Kids learn about gears and other mechanical parts, batteries and a lot more
• It offers a chance for parent and child to play together if the parent is also a RC hobbyist

Remote Control Cars for Adults

Think your husband or your dad is too old for toys? Wrong. Remote Control Cars are for adults too. In fact, a lot of adults are serious RC Car hobbyists.

There are many different types of remote control cars that will delight grownups. RC Cars, especially Nitro and Petrol variants, require a lot of tuning up and customization which will challenge and excite husband or dad. Many adult RC hobbyists admit that playing with Remote Control Cars is also a stress buster.

An RC Car will definitely make a great gift for adults on a special occasion. It’s fun, challenging and has a relatively long lifespan thus creating countless hours of fun that any adult will surely love.

Remote control cars for sale

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Remote Control (RC) Cars