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  • FMS BF-109 RTF 800mm

    FMS BF-109 RTF 800mm Overview The BF 109 was the most produced fighter aircraft of WW2 and was powered by the Daimler Benz V12 producing over 1400hp. The aircraft was very cleverly designed to be...

  • FMS Mini F4U 800mm RTF FMS3X

    FMS Mini F4U 800mm RTF FMS3X Overview The FMS Mini F4U Corsair has many scale features including a beautify 3 blade propeller and scale hub. The aircraft features a brushless motor, 20Amp ESC and...

  • FMS P-40 RTF 800mm

    FMS P-40 Warhawk RTF 800mm Overview The Curtiss P40 Warhawk was an American single seat all metal fighter and ground attack aircraft. Nearly 14,000 aircrafts were built during the second World War...

  • FMS P-47 PNP 1400mm Green

    FMS P-47 "Jug" PNP 1400mm Green Overview A brushless out runner, 65 amp ESC and scale 4 blade propeller provide more than enough motive power to give stunning sortes in all weather conditions! The...

  • FMS P-51D V8 PNP 1400mm

    FMS P-51D Mustang V8 PNP 1400mm Overview FMS Replicate the classic WWII P-51D Mustang in stunning scale detail with this new EPO super strong and lightweight foam moulded aircraft. By focusing on a...

  • FMS Spitfire RTF 800mm

    FMS Spitfire RTF 800mm Overview Supermarine spitfire was designed as a short range intercepter aircraft by R.J.Mitchell. Much loved by its pilots this aircraft was powered initially by the Rolls...